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What’s Up with the High Cost of Marketing Automation?

As a marketing leader, I’ve personally used, shopped for, or migrated between marketing automation platforms nearly every year during the last decade of my career.  If like me, you’ve been in the marketplace for these packages, or have implemented them, you’ve asked yourself these same questions:

“Before we introduce this advanced tool, how solid is the understanding of our buyer, their behavior and our marketing and sales process?”

“Once we deploy, do I have the right skills on staff to keep this baby rolling?”

“Which one do I go with?  I’ve heard Platform X is better than Platform Y for social media? Also, they say Platform Z has better usability?”

But maybe the question asked more earnestly when buying, and again every year or two when it is time to renew: “Why is this so damned expensive?!”

4 Questions SMBs Should Ask Before Jumping Into Content Marketing and Marketing Automation

As companies grow, they demand more from sales and marketing.  Running the revenue arm out of email inboxes, spreadsheets, and hope will eventually reach it limits.  As teams contemplate the potential of more advanced content marketing and marketing automation, they may wonder if they are ready.  Here are some basic tenants to consider as you widen your research.

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