Presentations, Analytics & Visualizations

Tell a beautiful story.

Tell your story

with emotion, evidence, and purpose.

How is Halo Media different?

Be seen.

Win your audience with exciting visuals & powerful evidence

Be heard.

Construct a coherent message that cuts through the noise.

Be felt.

Drive the audience to your desired outcome.

"I'm a whiz!"

"I can animate real good and my clip-art is boss."

Some may feel comfortable with their PowerPoint skills, but many struggle trying to get it right. It's tricky to balance the message, graphics, and content when preparing that big presentation to an investor, the quarterly report, or the pitch deck to the sales prospect.

A PowerPoint Truth:

Depsite the abundance of gawky animations, transitions, and clipart in PowerPoint, these elements CAN actually be used artfully.

When people hear information, they are likely to remember only 10% of it three days later. If a relevant image is paired with that message, people retained 65%.

If done correctly, a beautiful image in the right context, paired with the right message, can have a transformative effect. Many find it hard to balance these factors to make a presentation truly effective.


Halo Media helps you to tell your story, getting the most from your audience.


Design and content you can

be proud of.

Halo Media creates your template from the ground up, inspired by your brand. We learn your business and your customers so that we can tell a story that resonates.

Wanna build a pitch deck?

We love this simple way to structure presentations.

Illustrate the shift in the world, creating urgency for your prospect.

When you highlight this, prospects open up about how that shift affects them, how it scares them, and where they see opportunities. Most importantly, you grab their attention as they wait to find out how it affects them.

Don't tell them yet how you get them there, but show them what outcome they will achieve.

People inherently suffer from what economists call “loss aversion.” They tend to avoid a possible loss by sticking to the status quo, rather than risk a possible gain by opting for change.

To combat loss aversion, you must demonstrate how the change you cited above will create big winners and big losers:
1.) Adapting to the change you cited will likely result in a highly positive future
2.) That not doing so will likely result in an unacceptably negative future

Don't tell them yet how you get them there, but show them what outcome they will achieve.

Your "Promised Land" should be both desirable and difficult for the prospect to achieve without outside help of, well...your company. The Promised Land is a new future state, not jiust your product or service.

The differentiators that make you stand out are secrets that you are letting your audience in on.

When you introduce your product or service, do so by positioning its capabilities as “magic gifts” for helping your audience reach that much-desired Promised Land.

Show them how others have found the promised land with you as their guide.

The most effective type of evidence is a success story about how you’ve already helped someone else (who is similar to the audience) reach the Promised Land.

Credit: Andy Raskin |

Techniques like these are just the beginning. Reach out to us so we can hear the project you have that needs telling, sprucing up, or torn down and built from the ground up.

A picture is worth

nothing if it is awful. 1,000 words if done right.

We're experts at crafting tasteful and functional designs and narratives.

Data Visualizations

Bring your data and evidence forward. Graph it, illustrate it, and flaunt it.

Illustrations & Timelines

Use graphics, reveals and content snippets to unfold a story or highlight product features and benefits.

Balance Content & Imagery

Knowing when to move content to the Notes section, whether to wrap it with imagery or convert it to an icon - is truly an art.

Proper Templating

Use of PowerPoint Master Pages, style libraries and more to ensure brand consistency.

Advanced PowerPoint Techniques

Introduce video backgrounds, interactive presentations & modular designs.

Tasteful Animations & Transitions

Enjoy consistent and subtle animations and transitions that enhance instead of distract.