Marketing Automation & Consulting

Convert Visitors. Generate Customers.

There's a new approach

to marketing automation

(that doesn't cost tens of thousands per year and leave you stranded bill in hand).

How does Halo Media deliver marketing automation differently?

Fraction of the Cost

Advance your marketing automation without the ridiculous cost of traditional providers.

No Sink or Swim

Begin with confidence, maintain best practices, and expand and mature.

End-to-End Process

Control your sales funnel - from the website, to your CRM, and through the sales process.


"Did you say marketing automation at a fraction of the cost?"

Yes, we said that. Now, before you proceed, we should warn you:


Many marketing automation providers are money-gobbling misery peddlers.

81% of B2B marketers report allocating 10–39% of their marketing budget to marketing automation.

The big marketing automation service-providers (let's just call them Worketo, Snubspot and Fardot) will charge you immense amounts for licensing each year. Then you pay for upcharges, modules, and you still have all of the work to do.

Free up your budget for lead generation instead of software licensing.


Halo Media provides your platform at a low monthly cost, with minimal up-charges, bundled with services to ensure your success.

As (or more) capable than a platform that costs 10x.
  • Track and engage visitors and customers across every digital channel – websites, social media, cloud platforms, and mobile apps.
  • Engage with dynamic content across the the digital experience.
  • Score leads in your CRM based on user activity throughout their customer journey
  • Integrate with your company's business systems

That's right...

we actually help.

Subscriptions include a bank of consulting hours each month to use for advice, templates, programs, interactive content - you name it.

We've got ya.

Halo Media can assist with your entire marketing stack.

Website and Content Management System

Marketing Automation Platform

Customer Relationship Management

These systems have to work together to feed and manage your sales funnel. (If you don't know what that is, you'd better call us.) We are 20-year veterans at building content management-driven websites and have logged countless hours constructing marketing and sales processes on marketing automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms.


Here's how we set you up:

Halo Media partners with you to create a customer experience – not just an expensive email blasting tool. Marketing automation doesn’t pay off without proper planning, integration, and focus on the visitor.

1. Discover & Analyze

We'll review current results of your marketing efforts to get a baseline and together, we'll take an objective look at your marketing processes and automation today. Lastly, we'll partner to identify your ideal customer and their ideal buying experience.

2. Propose & Design

We'll work together to design a new customer buying journey, scaling the system to ensure maximum performance based on factors like number of contacts and how many emails you send per month.

3. Build & Integrate

We stand up your marketing automation platform. We integrate it with your CRM system and website.

We prefer to use open-source solutions like Drupal and Wordpress to ensure ubiquity in support and to save on licensing.

4. Deploy, Measure & Grow

We'll get the bad boy running and start measuring results so that you can see the efficacy of your marketing efforts (for once). Novel thought, eh?

Here is the best part: we'll stick with you on your journey towards maturing your marketing automation strategy and tactics.