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Simplie Smoothie approached Halo Media to have us create a site that can showcase their healthy and delicious menu, as well as showcase their community service goals.

We implemented a design that reflected their company's fun attitude, and gave them tools to allow for purchasing of Gift Cards directly on their site, as well as the ability to maintain and alter their own content with an easy to use web editor.

They can now change the website content from anywhere in the world at anytime completely securely.

PHP, HTML, CSS, Google Checkout


Halo Media specializes in cutting-edge print and web designs with style. We have attractive solutions for businesses of all sizes and needs. We pride ourselves on using the cleanest and most diverse custom designs to communicate to your current and potential clients effectively. Whether your needs are a beautifully designed and simple informational site, a robust eCommerce solution, or an intense multimedia experience we have the tools to make your web and print marketing generate leads and new business opportunities for you.


Although we know beautiful and effective design is important, our pride is based on our outstanding service. We make personal attention when designing for you our top priority. We take your vision and use our skill and creativity to create truly dynamic marketing materials for print and the web. When it comes to the web, we know 'geek-speak' as well as anyone. The difference is we know how to convey the challenges presented by the web to you in a comfortable way that you can understand. Halo Media also makes sure that you understand the role of technology in your marketing functions. We see technology as a way to streamline lifestyles, not complicate them. Halo Media is service.....The best service.